Ecomax burners

LBE Ecomax recuperation burners

Usage:Robust design for industry applications, direct ignition, ionization monitoring, high load. The burners are suitable for direct and indirect heating. Economical, energy efficient operation thanks to internal air preheating up to 700°C. Even temperature distribution using high burner pulse.
Connection:For the steel structure of a furnace
Flame detector:Ionizing, UVS
Ignition:High-voltage spark
Burner automation option:BCU, IFD, PFU and many others
Range:Flame scanning max. 25 uA

Range of burner outputs:

  • Ecomax 0 = 25 kW
  • Ecomax 1 = 36 kW
  • Ecomax 2 = 60 kW
  • Ecomax 3 = 100 kW
  • Ecomax 4 = 180 kW
  • Ecomax 5 = 250 kW
  • Ecomax 6 = 500 kW

We offer Ecomax recuperation burners of different lengths and outputs according to your requirements. In case of your interest, please fill out a short inquiry form, which will be answered by our sales department in the shortest possible time.