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Installation | Test | Repair | Inspection
Our specialisation includes deliveries, installations, repairs and service of industrial furnaces, burner systems Kromschröder, regulation stations and all technological gas equipment units, including technical and heating gas distribution. For the aforementioned, we provide the necessary tests and subsequent inspections. We also offer the sales of spare parts for Kromschröder, Eclipse, Weishaupt, LBE, Protego, Beda Oxygen-Technik and others.
34 years of experience in the industry
ISO9001:2015 SGS Quality Certificate
Our actual realization
Construction of a new annealing furnace with a protective atmosphere

Construction of a new annealing furnace with a protective atmosphere -
endoplyn using Ecomax recuperation burners.

Kromschroder system for combustion of residual coke oven gas

Delivery of the Kromschroder system for the recovery of residual coke oven gas from a coke oven in Germany.

Design, manufacture and installation of automatic ignition system

Design, manufacture and installation of automatic ignition system for combustion of acid vapors including their regulation and distribution of steam and water for connecting the steam boiler with the steam drum.

Production and assembly of LBE-Ecomax burner system

Production and assembly of the LBE-Ecomax burner system for the heat treatment line including the control and safety series of natural gas. The total power consumption of the heating system is 0.75 MW.

Hardening and tempering furnaces with an output of 10MW

We finalize the installation of hardening and tempering furnaces with a total output of 10MW. We used the top manufacturers LBE and Kromschroder for these furnaces! A total of 224 high-speed and regenerative burners were installed over a total furnace length of 200 meters.

Product catalogue Kromschröder

Gas industrial furnaces and heaters

We provide complete supply of industrial furnaces and ladle heating. From consulting services, technical documentation, installation of required burners and control systems to warranty and post-warranty service. We design systems with an emphasis on the highest quality with the lowest possible failure rate and maximum fuel economy.

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Burner systems

Based on years of experience, we offer complete supply of burner systems for various technological equipment units and industrial furnaces. We will produce, supply and install. Renovating old burners poses no problem. We also provide professional burner service and sales of spare parts.

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Gas equipment and regulation stations

With respect to the customer's wish, we provide the supply of gas equipment, control stations and other technological equipment for various heating and technological fuels. We also focus on the reconstruction, service and sales of spare parts.

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Technical and heating gas distribution

We provide complete supply and installation of distribution systems of all kinds of technical and heating gases, including technological equipment. We will prepare project documentation, inspection reports and perform pressure tests

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Technical equipment service

We have long-term record and experience in the industry. That is why we also provide professional service and repairs of designated technical equipment to ensure proper and optimal operation.

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Sales of spare parts

We sell new spare parts from a wide range of world brands. We are also very happy to advise you on choosing the right spare part.

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